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Anders Åkesson is studying software engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.

The program he's attending is called Web Programming and is mainly focused on web applications but also general software engineering.

Below you will be able to find information about Blekinge Institute of Technology and the courses that Anders is taking.

The courses

The school

Located in the south of Sweden, Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, is one of the most distinctly profiled higher education institutions in Sweden, with a vision to be a globally attractive knowledge community within applied IT and innovation for sustainable growth. The applied IT profile means that BTH conducts high-quality engineering research that is integrated with other disciplines such as management and health science to ensure sustainable development.  Details

Introduction to Programming and Thinking in Computer Science

The course is intended to bridge the large spread in the knowledge of computer use found among (prospective) students on courses containing programming.   Details

Databases, HTML, CSS and script programming in PHP

The course focuses on building blocks of HTML and CSS. We use HTML5 and look in the the opportunities that CSS3 will offer. PHP is introduced as a scripting language and using simple programming constructs created a web application in a structured way.  Details

Programming, Datastructures and Algorithms

Programming is the basis of most parts related to applied IT. A large part of today´s systems are built-up according to object-oriented principles with different versions of data structures and algorithms.   Details

Databases and Object-oriented programming in PHP

Databases and scripting languages, such as PHP, is a basic component of web applications. A prerequisite for building database-driven web applications is to have a solid understanding of limitations and possibilities of script programming.   Details

Computer- and telecommunication

The purpose of this course is for the student to obtain basic knowledge of the subject data communications, specializing in Internet as well as an overview on the system level with GSM and future mobile telephone networks.  Details

Databased webapplications with PHP and Model View Controller (MVC)

This course teaches how to build web applications with PHP and the Model View Controller framework.  Details

Software Design

In order to produce software that meets right requirement for right cost within deadline and with right quality it is required to follow a controlled process and put time on early planning of software production (modelling and design).  Details

Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Programming in Java. The basics of the language, the class concept, inheritance. Standard libraries for data structures, network communication and graphical user interfaces. Object oriented analysis and design. UML. Software development tools.  Details