Exciting times ahead 

So, I’m starting to get to the end of my education and closing in on getting that Bachelors degree. It’s been an exciting journey; I’ve learned so much in the three years that I’ve been studying. Now it’s time to take the next step and find a job. I know this first job will determine […]

Sverige! Jag letar jobb! 

Jag tar examen i Juni och letar nu jobb. Jag vill jobba med mjukvarutestning, systemverifiering, quality assurance ja, ni fattar; jag vill se till att saker fungerar som de ska. Jag kan flytta varsomhelst för en bra möjlighet och ett spännande företag eller organisation så tveka inte att kontakta mig. Se min LinkedIn för mer […]

I know but still. 

I hate Vim. I realize this makes me a bit less of an accepted super geek but I don’t care. I hate Vim. That is all.

New year means updates 

I’ve had some time on my hands to make some updates to my website, andyweb.info and that’s always fun. I moved all the projects into the menu as the page was getting clogged with too much stuff. It looks a lot more sleek now and hopefully that will make it easier to navigate as well. […]

My jQuery playground 

I added a spot on my website today where I’ll be testing out various jQuery plugins that I find online. Hopefully it can be of some use in the future. Or it’ll at least be a fun way to pass time. My playground can be found here.

Starting my final year soon; so what’s next? 

In a month I’m starting my final year of my education which has been focused on IT in general and more specifically on the web. Naturally I’ve started thinking about what to do when this year ends and I have already applied to a couple programs which would push me further towards web development but […]


With so much stuff on my computer that is in need to be constantly synced to the web (Google Drive, Dropbox, several mail accounts, calendar), it’s a great feeling when your connection’s been down for a little while, for whatever reason, and then you get it working again. And everything syncs at once. Eureka.

Finished Rails for zombies 2 

Today I finished the Rails for zombies 2 course on codeschool.com and it’s been educational, even though their servers seem to be slow sometimes which can be frustrating. It must be complicated compiling all the necessary information into one course and decide on what to actually keep; there’s just so much to learn! Rails is […]

Learning Ruby on Rails 

Today I started something which I’ve been planning to do but never got around to doing until now; learning Ruby on rails. I’ve gone through the Ruby course on Codeacademy and I have worked with frameworks such as Drupal (just a little bit, I have to admit, not a big fan of PHP) and Grails (written in […]

The Web Starter Kit from mighty Google 

I’ve been playing around with the Web Starter Kit from Google and it’s a nice tool to get your website up and running quickly. I do feel like there are lots and lots of templates that could just as easily be used to set everything up but sure; with Google trying to unify the web under […]