Starting my final year soon; so what’s next?

In a month I’m starting my final year of my education which has been focused on IT in general and more specifically on the web. Naturally I’ve started thinking about what to do when this year ends and I have already applied to a couple programs which would push me further towards web development but to be honest, I really don’t know what I want to work with.

I know I want to work with the web because it is the greatest open platform that we have and I want play some part in improving it. But the web is in everything today; from our tablets and phones to our cars and kitchens. So working with the web could be anything today.

Working with real companies on real projects last semesters made me realize that there are so much more to an IT project than just writing code. More and more I’m starting to believe that maybe I’m more suitable to perhaps work in an analysis position where I can work with the stakeholders of the project and be a bridge between the managers and the programmers. I really enjoy the process of determining what the requirements of the project actually is. This is truly the phase where the success of the project can be determined, even before it starts, and I understand why IT companies have now started to see that the role of the analyst is so important.

But would any IT company hire me as junior analyst with the education and background that I have? Maybe someone out there has an answer or some suggestions on what my path should be. If you do, please feel free to comment.

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