New year means updates

I’ve had some time on my hands to make some updates to my website, and that’s always fun. I moved all the projects into the menu as the page was getting clogged with too much stuff. It looks a lot more sleek now and hopefully that will make it easier to navigate as well.

I also added some social icons through the Bootstrap social media icons (found here) which is super easy and simple to use with Bootstrap of course. You get a little bit of automated effects as well, very subtle but that’s how I like it.

The map on my page is now in a more blueish theme which I think looks better than the grey I used before. Overall I think it creates a better effect than the last version.

In other news; I applied to a couple jobs, both are very exciting opportunities with very exciting, but also fairly different companies. I’m not expecting too much at this stage since I don’t have a degree yet but I would like to at least have something going before school ends in June. I have been getting more into quality assurance as of late and I hope I will be able to find something in that field. I believe it corresponds well with the type of person I am, probably more so than a developer position would. I will try and pick up a few books on testing and quality assurance and read them during the spring.

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