Andyweb updated! (finally) 

So I finally came around and updated my website and it was about damn time! The old one was built with the old version of Bootstrap and I had added a bunch of scripts to it which made it very bulky, not very pretty, a bit strange in how you would navigate it and just not up […]

New school project 

Started a new group project in school last week and we’re making an app for the enormous company that is CSC. Didn’t really know much about CSC before we started and so it’ll be interesting to learn what kind of company this is. They are obviously a powerhouse in the software world (81 000 employees!). […]

Project done! 

So we’ve finished our project at HiQ this week, and I must say it went really well. I haven’t written any posts on it because 1; I’ve been really busy with the project, and 2; I wasn’t entirely sure about what I was allowed to write about. There is of course a bit of discretion […]

Project is a go! 

So the project for hiQ is on. So far we don’t know much, except that it is a project that we’re doing for Ericsson and that it will be done as a student collaboration at hiQ HQ (I had to write that). We’ll be meeting next Wednesday for a brief on what the project actually […]

Pubnight at HiQ, Karlskrona 

I had a great time the other night at HiQ in Karlskrona when they organized a nice meetup for a few students from my school, Blekinge Institute of Technology. They are looking for students for an upcoming project which revolves around mobile payment solutions, which sounds very interesting and is truly at the edge of […]

Why Google should have a travelling circus 

Now ‘circus’ might not be an appropriate term but I’m imagining something like a bunch of developers traveling around the world teaching kids how to code. They do have the most talented people in the industry and surely it must be in the interest of all major tech corporations to get more people into the […]


The storm that has ripped through the UK is now moving on up through Sweden and is making its presence known outside right now. Nice to be safe inside tonight. On another note; this week will mostly consist of studying since we have a test in the database course on Saturday.

I’m on Steroids! 

Yeah, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’ve started using the Steroids npm from Appgyver to make my first app! It doesn’t really do anything other than what the tutorials told me to do yet but I have high hopes on this. It’s really a great tool and I’m really happy to be working […]

At Media Evolution 

Today I am at the Media Evolution fair/exhibition/thing in Malmö. Still not entirely sure what this is. Still waiting on everyone to get set up. I am merely a spectator, which I feel happy about; there are some properly stressed out people here…

Looking for internship/summerjob for 2014! 

Yeah, this should really be a standing blog post, at least until I find something. As the header says; I am looking for a paid internship or a summerjob (whatever the difference might be) for the summer of 2014. I want to do something in the IT industry, and I’m very open to suggestions. I […]