Airbox 0.1.0

Lightweight, airy jQuery lightbox

Simplicity Is Beautiful

Airbox is a simple, easy to use lightbox that can be used on any type of image that you can possibly want to use on the web. Click the images on this site to see the effects of Airbox. You can easily customize Airbox to suit your project needs. Download Airbox on Github.

The Competition Is Plentiful

So, maybe Airbox might not have all the functionality that you are looking for for your project. Don't worry, there are endless opportunities out there when it comes to lightbox plugins. On any given occasion, a Google search might generate over 3 million hits. Here we list some of the best ones that we can definitely recommend.


Fancybox is one of the most used, further developed and extended lighbox plugins out there right now, perhaps to a great extent because of its favorable position as number one on the Google hit list. Fancybox is used for displaying images, html content and multi-media and creates a Mac-style lightbox that floats overtop of a web page. It can display images, HTML elements, SWF movies, Iframes and Ajax requests and is highly customizable through settings and CSS. It also has zooming functionality. It is currently on it's second version and can be downloaded at this location.


Shadowbox calls itself a web based media-viewer and that is exactly what it is. It can handle pretty much any type of media file that you'll want to use it on. It's written entirely in JavaScript and CSS and is highly customizable. Shadowbox is free from frameworks which makes it flexible and usable on a universal scale. There is a licensed developer version but there is no need to pay if your intentions are only to use Shadowbox in your project and not alter its functionality. Shadowbox is currently on its 3rd version and can be downloaded at this location.

Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup is responsive and very lightweight considering its functionality. It can be used on single images but also as an image gallery or for videos or Google Maps media. The content you put in is resized using CSS media queries and it also has support for Retina displays. Magnific Popup is yet to reach its 1.0 version but you can download version 0.9.9 on Github.


Colorbox is another lightweight lightbox that still holds loads of functionality. Much like the other lightboxes listed here it supports all types of images and can be used on all modern browsers. It preloads images when grouped together and the appearance is handled through CSS so it is naturally high performance. Colorbox prouds itself on being used on over 600 000 websites, has extensive documentation and can be downloaded off of Github at this location.


WOWSlider is a professional tool for displaying images on the web. Even though the name indicates a slider its functionality is diverse enough that it can easliy be used as tool for displaying single images as well as galleries. It has numerous visual effects, lots of templates and different types of plugins, depending on what type of platform you're using. It has different ranges of prices depending on what you want to use it for but it can be used for free for non profits. Download version 4.8 at this location.