My Jquery Playground

Welcome to my jQuery playground. This is where I test all the cool jQuery plugins that I find.

Plugin name Find it here Information
Autocomplete-Table Autocomplete-Table by vyasrao This plugin works on table data and will display the relevant search results as you type it into the searchbar.
Block Scroll Block Scroll by Dominik Gorecki Create a block scroll navigation on your page.
Notifit Notifit by naoxink Cool pop-up notifications (no, really!)
ScrollMe ScrollMe by nckprsn ScrollMe is a jQuery plugin for adding simple scrolling effects to web pages.
Rebox Rebox by Trent Richardson jQuery or Zepto tiny small simple responsive lightbox
Vide Vide by VodkaBears Easy as hell jQuery plugin for video backgrounds.
React Tutorial React React is not a jQuery plugin but rather a js library to build user interfaces.
Stacktable Stacktable by John Polacek jQuery plugin for stacking tables on small screens.
Flowtime Flowtime by Marco Lago HTML5/CSS3/JS Presentation Framework.
PgwMenu PqwMenu by Pagawa Responsive Menu plugin for jQuery and Zepto
Simple Sidebar Simple Sidebar by dcdeiv A simple jQuery sidebar plugin

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