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Anders Åkesson Curriculum Vitae

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Cell: +46702340110

I work at Derivco where I am a QA Developer and Scrum Master. At Derivco we work in agile teams, using Scrum and Kanban to deliver high quality software products.

I have a passion for the web and I love working with the technologies that drives it.

I'm looking forward to a universally connected future and I hope to be a part of making that future happen, not only for the privileged but for everyone.

I believe that the industry of IT needs to diversify, in all aspects. We need to be more inclusive as an industry and that can't just be something that is written in your company manifesto; it needs to be the main thing driving your company culture.

I want to be a part of growing the industry of IT into areas where it is yet to evolve beyond what we in the privileged world call "90th century tech". This is probably our main challenge today and in the upcoming decades.


Blekinge Institute of Technology

September 2012 - June 2015 Karlskrona, Sweden

Program: Web Programming
Degree: Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering

Program Manager: Mikael Roos



Derivco QA Developer

June 201 - Present Stockholm, Sweden


Encourages the team to have a test perspective when planning.

Identifies required test effort for each new implementation. Understands what method/s of testing should be used.

Documents critical areas on the QA wiki in order to spread knowledge to others.

Presenting newly learned lessons at QA sprint reviews.

Monitors continuous integration tool and takes action on failed builds.

Monitors requests from our external partner Ludologic and assist them as needed.

Planning and performing the testing of hotfix releases.

Preparing test cases for release testing.

Performing testing while also supporting others in understanding and running tests.

Documents the results of test cycles.

Works closely with the team in order to capture important aspects of the implementations and to decrease the gap between tester and developer.

Continuously testing the implementations in order to find issues early.

Assures that all new implementations and changes are properly tested and verified.

Assisting in the verification of bugs.

  • Initiates and conducts “3 Amigos” to clarify requirements and to get a good understanding of the implementation to be tested.
  • Writes and updates test cases and test scripts for all different methods of testing.
  • Detects changes in requirements and assures that these are reflected in the tests.

Blekinge Institute of Technology Teaching Assistant

September 2014 - Present Karlskrona, Sweden

Contact: Mikael Roos


Assessing student assignments, coursework and projects. Grading based on final evaluation on entire coursework. Providing feedback, answering direct questions on e-mail, irc-chat and student forum.

  • Assessing student assignments.
  • Helping students learn web technologies through various exercises.
  • Assessments, review, grading.

CSC Mobile Application Developer

February 2014 – May 2014 (4 months)Karlskrona, Sweden

Contact: Hans Jayatissa, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at CSC Nordic


Student project, in school but with an external client. Developing a mobile application for the human resources department at CSC. Using technologies such as the Grails framework built on the Groovy language, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & JQuery. Manual testing, exploratory testing, writing test cases and usability testing.

  • Student project.
  • Developing a mobile application for the human resources department at CSC.
  • Built with the Grails framework in the Groovy programming language.
  • Software design, development, testing.

HiQ IT Consultant

November 2013 – December 2013 (2 months)Karlskrona, Sweden

Contact: Klas Nyström, Managing Director at HiQ Karlskrona


Worked as a developer in a scrum team of students on a project to create a solution for smart homes, enabling customers to track the energy usage in their homes. End result was a javascript graph engine, using html5 canvas. Manual testing, exploratory testing.

  • Worked in a team of students on a project to create a javascript graph engine, using html5 canvas.
  • Intended for a smart home application.
  • Javascript, HTML5 canvas, CSS.

Edsbyns hyvleri Part time employee

2006 – 2012 (6 years) Edsbyn

Contact: , Site manager at Edsbyns Hyvleri, Edsbyn


Industrial woodwork. Packaging, quality control. Worked in day- and night shifts.

  • General industrial work.
  • Packaging, quality control.
  • Sawmill, woodwork.

Per Akesson Agricultural firm Full time employee

2006 – 2012 (6 years) Edsbyn

Contact: , Owner


General farming tasks. Responsible for all relevant tasks for the company. Daily maintenance and service of machinery. The job was varied and included planning strategies for maximum yield, organising farm administration, working machinery and organising associated businesses.

  • General farm work.
  • Forestry, agriculture.
  • Accounting, maintenance.
  • Football (Man United supporter)
  • Going to the gym
  • Beer
Available on request